Drabek & Hill, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with regular maintenance in order to keep your home’s plumbing system working at peak efficiency.  Having regular maintenance will not only maximize your comfort level, but will also cut down on costly repairs and utility bills.

Invest in a Plumbing Planned Service Agreement alone or add it to your existing Planned Service Agreement!

We provide one scheduled plumbing maintenance visit per year, typically during the spring or summer months.  We inspect your home’s plumbing performance, answer any questions you may have and perform the 15-point inspection outlined below.

  1. Flush water heater
  2. Inspect pressure/temperature relief valve
  3. Inspect thermocouple for proper pilot lighting
  4. Inspect burner
  5. Inspect electrical components
  6. Inspect visible gas and water lines
  7. Inspect kitchen faucet for proper function & leaks
  8. Inspect garbage disposal
  9. Inspect under cabinets & around dishwasher for leaks
  10. Inspect all bathroom faucets for proper function & leaks
  11. Inspect all drains for proper function
  12. Inspect operation of all toilets
  13. Inspect all exterior hose bibs for proper function & leaks
  14. Inspect any shut-off valves
  15. Inspect any available cleanouts